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We use only safe, odorless, and EPA-approved treatments to get you rid of mold and to improve your indoor air quality. 

Honolulu Mold Removal Services For Commercial Buildings

Oahu Mold Testing and Removal offers mold, mildew, and dampness removal services. Our treatments are safe and affordable, but also highly effective. With us, you can have peace of mind that your employees will work in a healthier environment. Your clients will also appreciate the quality of your indoor air. Besides, you will pass all health inspections with flying colors.

Honolulu Mold Removal Services For Residential Homes

Have your kids been sneezing a lot over the past few months? Do they have allergy-like symptoms such as the itchy nose, watery eyes, and skin irritations even when they don’t get out of the house? 

The wonderfully mild climate of Honolulu is perfect for various mold infestations to develop and thrive. Mold is one of the most common causes of poor indoor air quality, allergy flare-ups and funny smells and dampness occurring out of the blue. 

Oahu Mold Testing and Removal provides custom mold removal solutions and plant-based treatments that address specific strains of mold. Once we identify the mold strain that infests your home, we can determine the most effective treatment to apply to get you to read of this problem. We use only substances that are effective and long-lasting, yet 100% safe for pets and humans. This is your best chance to get rid of all mold and mildew in your home without needing to redo your plumbing system. 

Mold Removal For Commercial Buildings And Offices In Honolulu

Office buildings and commercial properties need to keep their standards up when it comes to indoor air quality. Old musty smells are a surefire way to scare clients and to make your employees sick. Mold exposure has negative effects on work productivity, as it makes workers less efficient. Also, many of these employees may suffer from frequent allergy flare-ups, costing you a lot of money in sick days and low productivity. 

When it comes to commercial properties, mold infestations can grow at exponential rates, because of HVAC and climate control systems. This makes it difficult to identify the sources of mold, thus leading to a worsening of the problem. You don’t want to deal with such issues and trust us, they are not going to go away just like that, without any specific actions from you. 

A professional mold inspection and removal service can detect the sources of mold and eliminate them in order to stop the mold spores from multiplying and spreading around. We use airborne spray-based solutions that can eliminate all mold in a safe and effective manner, saving you from having to shut down your operations. 

Why Hire Professionals To Handle Your Mold Situation?

Most stores sell spray products that are designed to eliminate mold and make your house smell good in a split second. Nevertheless, you should know that masking the odor doesn’t also eliminate the source of mold spores. As soon as you stop using your spray, the musty smell will return, and mold stains will come back as soon as the humid season returns. 

The reason why such mold removal sprays don’t work is that mold sources are very well hidden in HVAC vents, wall cracks, and other damp and dark places where these sprays can’t reach. 

A professional mold inspection and cleaning focus on identifying all these sources and eliminating them for good. Furthermore, we customize our treatments to the results of the air quality inspection results, thus being able to set the right concentrations for maximum effectiveness. Our treatments also prevent regrowth and new mold strain infestations. 

Where Is Mold Most Prone To Hiding?

There’s no need for scanning the entire surface of your home to detect mold growths. Our experts know exactly what areas to check, so they can find mold nests in as little as one hour. 

 Here are the areas where we suspect we might find mold in your building: 

 – Attic – from here, mold spores can easily cling onto your old linen and then become airborne 

– Basement – this humid environment can be a great place for mold to thrive and then to spread throughout the entire house 

– Kitchens and bathrooms – high humidity levels make these spaces ideal for mold nests 

– AC systems – AC ducts are also among the most common culprits for returning mold  

 Contact us now and let us clean up your home! 



Affordable & Reputable Mold Removal Services.

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